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Applying more that 40 years of Engineering Experience

Representing International Manufacturers of Air Moving Equipment and Associated Products.

Providing Advice on the Design and Upgrading of Fan, Blower & Compressor Systems.

Software Development for Selection and Design of Rotating Equipment

Partners We Represent


Twin City Clarage LLC
Made in the USA for more than 100 years! 
Centrifugal Fans-  150-15,000 hp.

Axial Fans- Fixed, Adjustable & Controllable Pitch in Flight
Multi-Cyclone Dust Collectors- up to 2 million cfm.

Twin City Clarage, LLC.

Axial & Centrifugal Fans
150-15,000 hp

Multi-Clone Dust Collectors



Fima Machinery GmbH
Made in Germany since 1946. Sold and Serviced in North America by Schaeff Machinery & Services LLC  of Houston TX
Single & multi-stage Centrifugal Compressors
Applications -256˚F to 1292˚F, pressures to 2175 psi
Certificates for explosion groups IIA, IIB1, IIB2, IIB3 and IIB


Blowers & Process Gas Compressors


Fox Equipment LLC.
located in the USA manufactures Heavy Duty Industrial Dampers
Butterfly Dampers, Louver Dampers- parallel & opposed blades
Guillotine Dampers, Radial Vane (IVC) Dampers
Diverter Dampers, Stack Dampers
Expansion Joints and Industrial Silencers

Fox Equipment, LLC.

Heavy Industrial Dampers